Maternal and Newborn Quality of Care Project

End of Project Report 2021: Maternal and Newborn Quality of Care Project

As part of its efforts to accelerate the pace of reducing preventable maternal and newborn mortality and improve the wellbeing of new[1]borns through the promotion and support for exclusive breastfeeding in 60 under-served communities in the Upper West Region of Ghana; the Community Development Alliance in partnership with UNICEF Ghana facilitated the implementation of community outreach interventions that fosters behaviour-led approaches to improve quality of care (QoC) in the delivery of safe, effective, timely, efficient, equitable, and people-centered maternal and new-born care. Our behavioral lens approached focused on; asking who needs to do what to achieve a desire outcome, rather than what kinds of activities should we implement. It measures project results as behavior change, rather than as the completion of a list of activities or counting number of people attending an activity. During the project implementation period (1st April to 31st December, 2022); staff of CDA fostered close collaboration with various public primary healthcare providers particularly health promotion officers and midwives; mother-to-mother support groups, Health Management Committees, Community Leaders as well as Municipal and Regional Health Administrations to deliberate and find solutions towards addressing critical behavioural impediments that hampered the delivery of quality maternal and new-born health outcomes in 70 under-served communities in the WA Municipality.

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